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Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU)
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU)
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU)

As a fast growing institution of higher learning, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) has created history since it was launched. This university, with its highly innovative student-centered approach to impart education, offers chance to students to explore genuine paths to learn and innovate when being groomed for their future roles as hardcore professionals.

PMU concentrates on the needs, interests and abilities of students for sustainable nourishing. The feedback as well as inputs of students are valued by PMU Faculty members who evaluate the knowledge level of each and every student thoroughly. Such steps are to train them by genuine learning system.

This university welcomed latest technology since its inception. It implemented them in the teaching methodology and curriculum development. Some technological advancements are all-time internet connectivity which makes e-library access easier, online courseware (Blackboard), Dyned – labs, online registration.

Today PMU is equipped with advanced technologies such as smart boards, TV Streaming and Video Conferencing etc. which are beneficial for students to get registered in specific courses and avail regular advice or guidance from the respective instructors online by sitting in the privacy of homes.

University Vision

The vision of the founders is to ensure that the University is a unique and distinguished higher education institution that participates in:
  • Preparing future leaders in various fields of human knowledge and its application.
  • Enriching and developing intelligence.
  • Exploring innovative methodologies and technologies to achieve its objectives.
  • Breaking the barrier between the academic and business society.

University Mission

The university mission is to achieve the following objectives:
  • Contribute to the advancement of human intelligence and promulgation and development of knowledge.
  • Prepare specialized candidates in various fields of human knowledge through utilizing modern technologies in the education process.
  • Transform the graduate to play a pioneering and leading role in the community, enabling him or her to take responsibilities and contribute to solving problems through innovative thinking, collective work, reflection and self-development.
  • Link academic programs and specializations with actual requirements of the surrounding work environment. This is undertaken by maintaining effective participation and cooperation between the University and local business firms.
  • Guide research activities to create solutions for persistent problems in surrounding communities, through applied research and technical consultation. The importance of performing basic scientific research for enriching human intelligence should not be neglected.
  • Provide community service through continuous training and education.